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Super Feed™

SuperFeed Replacement Rollers and Feed Belts for Power Feed Attachments

We have power feed rollers to fit over 150 different power feeder models used in a variety of industries and applications. Our tough, durable urethanes offer you the most cost effective replacements available on the market.

  1. The hub mounting configurations shown are standard. Modified mounting arrangements can be provided to meet customer needs.
  2. Diameters and widths are those most commonly requested by customers. Other diameters can be provided to meet specific design and equipment requirements.
  3. Super Feed Tires are available in 70 Duro (Yellow), recommended for feeding solid wood and 50 Duro (Blue), recommended when feeding slick surface materials such as Melamine or other laminates.

The (4) tire diameters shown in the block below will fit any of the (3) hubs shown below in the same block.

Super Feed System Diagram
Super Feed System Diagram
Belt Kit Super Feed
Super Feed rollers

Above is an image of an older style SFH-7 shown with 80mm dia X 25mm wide 50 Duro tire.

Super Feed Power Rollers

Above is an image of double wide SFH-1 hubs with 4 5/8 OD X 1 3/4" wide 70 Duro tires.

Super Feed Replacement Rollers

Above is an image of an SFH-1 with 4 5/8 OD X 1 3/4 wide 50 Duro tires

Super Feed Power Wheels

Above is an image of an SFH-1 hubs with 120mm X 2" wide 70 Duro tires.

Our P2000 hubs are manufactured from a 75 Duro Shore D harness urethane. All P2000 hubs are in stock awaiting the cover of your choice. P2000 covers are available in 40, 50, 60, 70, 75, 85 and 95 Duro Shore A harness.

P2000 Dual Hardness Rolls

Note: "Super Feed" hubs and tires that have been replaced with our new P2000 product line are still offered to customers who purchased those items prior to March 2009.

Super Feed™ belts and belt conversion kits

Solid polyurethane belts and belt conversion kits are available to fit the most popular 3 roll stock feeders. Our unique belt designs assure the very best control for feeding short work pieces.

When converting a roller feed to a belt feeder, measure dimension "X" with no tension in the rollers.
  1. If "X" is between 270mm and 280mm, order Belt Conversion Kit #1001-01A or #1001F-01A
  2. If "X" is between 254mm and 264mm, order Belt Conversion Kit #1002-01A or #1002F-01A
Super Feed Belt Kit Drawing

Rollers are not shown.

Super Feed Belt Kit #SFB-1001-01A

Above is an image of our Super Feed Belt Kit #SFB-1001-01A.

Super Feed Belt Pulley

Note: Each Belt Conversion Kit includes: (3) belts, (3) pulleys, (1) mounting tool, hardware and instructions.

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