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Super Drive™ for Planers

Soft Planer Feed Roller System

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  • Reduce split and burn marks with superior rollers for planers.
  • Decrease trim loss due to excessive end split.
  • Eliminate raised grain with reduced feed roll pressure.
  • Reduce machine down time due to breakups with planer rollers.
  • Eliminate slippage (gives a better finish through more uniform knife cuts per inch).
  • Decrease maintenance costs by eliminating excessive wear and tear on the feed works.
  • Eliminate costly custom coverings, bonding problems and expensive freight bills incurred with other types of soft rollers.
  • "Super Drive"™ hubs only need to be purchased once.
  • Offering in-stock replacement polyurethane tires for your convenience.
  • Unique split hub and tire system allows for quick installation of feed roller systems
Western Roller Planer Feed Rolls are available in diameters ranging from 10 1/4" (260mm) to 16" (406mm). Split and non-split styles are also available.
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