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Polyurethane Web Press Folders Parts


Replaceable Polyurethane Nips

Replaceable Polyurethane Nips

Cutting Bars & Urethane Cheeks

Cutting Bars & Urethane Cheeks

Trolleys, RTF & Slitter, Solid Urethane & Bonded

Trolleys, RTF & Slitter,
Solid Urethane & Bonded.

Replaceable Polyurethane Nips (Gain Rings) are designed to mount to the original steel nip ring housing using a precision manufactured retaining ring assembly. For some folder makes & models, new steel housings are available to complete your conversion. All steel parts are manufactured using state of the art CNC machining technology. Even the shoulder bolts are manufactured to WRC special high tolerance specifications. All this to insure precision concentricity and accurate finished diameters.


Commercial Web Press Bonded Nips

Commercial Web Press Bonded Nips.

high performance polyurethane trolley

Trolleys are made of 95 duro high performance polyurethane.

Slitter Trolley

Slitter Trolley.

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