Polyurethane Rollers, Tires, Wheels and Molded Urethane Parts

At Westen Roller, we have the knowledge and experience to help you match the right product to your application. WRC features a variety of polyurethane solutions for your specific needs. From woodworking mchinery, newspapers & commercial web press and mail room equipment, the metal trades, plastics fabrication, material handling and medical equipment, to specialty manufacturing such as composite fiber wrapping and parts for nylon cord extrusion machines just to name a few. You will find high-performance urethane products for the OEM as well as the End User that offer reliability and long life for your particular application.

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Featured Products


P2000 Roller System

Dual Hardness urethane rollers feature cast bores, keyways or special mounts. Diameters from 1” to 9-15/16” and widths to 12”. Choose from eight hardness's and create custom rollers from our standard tooling.

Super Drive

SuperDrive System

The original moulder feed roller / replaceable tire system. Solid urethane wheels from 3-1/4" to 10" diameter mount on steel hubs that are bored and keyed to your specifications. Several different hardness's are available. Purchase hubs only once and replace the tires as needed.

Super Drive for Planers

Super Drive for Planers

An extension of our Super Drive product line, these steel hubs and polyurethane tires are available in 10-1/4”, 12-1/8” , 14-1/8” and 16” diameters. Two sizes are available in split and non split stiles as well as standard & wide widths.

Super Feed

Super Feed

Replacement rollers, are available for most power feeder makes and models. Belts and belt conversion kits are also available for the larger 3 roll stock feeders. Our P-2000 series rollers are also available for many stock feeders in two standard hardness's.

Poly Tube

Poly Tube

Polyurethane tubing has hundreds of uses. Press onto hubs or driven shafts for light & medium duty feeding applications. Insert Flanged bearings or Bushings to create hold down and guide wheels. Makes excellent bumpers, shock absorbers and cushions.

Press Room

Press Room Rollers

Urethane parts for Newspaper & Commercial web press folders including: replaceable and bonded split nip rings, cutting bars or anvils, urethane cheeks and trolleys.

Mail Room

Mail room rollers

Polyurethane products for the Newspaper mailroom include, Ferag shuttle and support wheels, inserter out feed belts, grippers & gripper blocks, cone rollers and overhead conveyor grippers.


Custom rollers

Molded polyurethane, parts of all kinds including: bearing covers, bonded rollers, hold down pads and specialty parts cast to you specifications.

Mission Statement:

WRC sales, engineering and production staff will not compromise on quality. WRC will always strive to improve quality and production methods to provide you, our valued partner, with the highest quality, most cost effective products.